Tips on Using Looper Pedal with a Live Band

Tips on Using Looper Pedal with a Live Band

There was a time when the looper pedal was an extremely costly and professional accessory owned by famous recording studios only. With time, the prices of looper pedals have reduced a lot and you can buy one for an affordable price at a best looper pedal guide online instrument store. The looper pedal is a tremendously handy tool when it comes to solo performances. However, nowadays it is also used as part of the performance with a live band.

Here are a few tips on how to use the looper pedal while performing with a live band.

Hook Up Various Instruments

The high tech looper pedals can support multiple music instruments at a time. You can hook up the drums, mics, as well as guitar all at the same time to produce excellent looping effects. While hooking up the instruments, make sure that the controls on the pedal stay with the person who knows how to operate the looper pedal in the best manner.

Use Your Instrument in Unconventional Ways

When you have hooked up the guitar to your looper pedal, you can produce several sounds with it. Instead of just strumming the guitar, you can try the Mexican style of banging the wooden base of the guitar too. This way, a single instrument can produce several sounds. Ed Sheeran is one such popular singer who is known to operate the looper pedal with his guitar exceptionally well.Dittox4 looper pedal

Reduce the Redundant Tasks

With the looper pedal, you can reduce the redundant tasks effectively. You can loop the background music to your own music without actually having to play it. For example, most songs have a background score of constant strumming that lasts throughout the song. You can record and loop this piece of music in the very beginning to overlay the plucking sounds of the strings on it.

Use Voice Modulations

Make sure that you hook up your mic to the looper pedal too. You can use voice modulations from your vocal chords to produce sounds that look fantastic on a track. Sounds like Woo! Bang! Heya! etc. can all come directly from your vocal chords.

Operate the Pedal with Your Hand or Foot

Depending on your comfort level you can choose to operate the looper with your foot or your hand. Conventionally guitarists use their foot to operate the looper so that they can focus on constantly strumming with their fingers.if your loop pedal creak during live performance use cordless caulking gun to fix your looper.

Assess the Loop Time Carefully

You need to assess the number of loops and time for each loop very carefully before finalizing the loop module.

Have One Empty Slot on the Loop

It is a good idea to keep at least one slot vacant on the looper pedal. This way, you can give the effect of a drop any time during the song.

The timings for the delay on the loop are crucial to every performance. Make sure that you give a strategic delay before and after every loop to sync it with the live music from other equipment in your band.

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